Elemental Trinket Sims (7.1.5)

Last updated: January 10, 2017 at 21:07 pm
The following trinket sims are accurate for PTR build ONLY. The sole purpose of these charts is to provide a quick reference of the relative power between trinkets. Please read the caveats and notes below before asking questions.

Caveats and notes

  • The Icefury and Ascendance builds were tested with realistically-achievable, optimal stat distributions. As such, you cannot compare between the two graphs.
  • Trinkets from The Nighthold are not properly implemented in SimulationCraft yet, and must be tested thoroughly before incorporation into these charts.
  • Aran’s Relaxing Ruby – it appears this trinket was nerfed in patch 7.1.5. As such, it is much less valuable for single target. However, it still performs well in AoE scenarios..
  • “NB Chest” denotes the trinket was simmed in conjunction with the Hauberk of Warped Intuition (Nightbane Chest). This increases the damage of Karazhan trinket procs by 30%.
  • Eyasu’s Mulligan was not gamed. There may be some very limited merit to rolling the dice on the buff in order to get a particular buff, but this was not covered.
  • Only one stat stick was simmed due to their value relying heavily on the player’s own stat weights. You will need to sim yourself in order to determine the hierarchy of your trinkets if you have high level stat sticks.