Yearly Archives: 2017

7.2 and Earthquake

Our new golden trait, Seismic Storm, has been the topic of much discussion on Discord. And after a long time of silence, we’re finally posting the answer to the frequently asked question whether to use on single target instead of . It depends. The main point first: You won’t get […]


Patch 7.2

Note: this post only contains information relevant to elemental shamans in Patch 7.2. For generic patch information, visit WowHead or MMO-Champion. Information about the Tomb of Sargeras and the Tier 20 set is subject to change before the raid releases. Patch 7.2 brings us some exciting new content, from new […]


How to analyse Warcraft Logs: part two

This is the second instalment in the Warcraft Logs analysis series. To read part one, which was written for Patch 7.1.0 but still contains relevant information, click here. In part two we’ll be looking at specific talents and how your analysis should vary based on your build. This instalment assumes […]