Alpha diary 02

Hey ho,

Please note that this post is all about my feelings, impressions and some experiences I had when I first logged into Alpha. This is by no means intended as a guide to play elemental or how to approach the game. Mathy posts might follow at a later date, but no promises. This post might contain spoilers about story, location or connections. I’m trying to keep these out, but I can’t promise a clean article.

Last time I wrote down my adventures, I got lost in killing random enemies while trying to get a feel for the spec. I think I somewhat succeeded with this because I’m now naturally paying more attention to Maelstrom levels. Why? Well, Earth Shock spends Maelstrom in chunks of 25. This is probably due to the associated Fulmination debuff, which is applied to the target with a stack count depending on how many of these 25ms chunks are spent on an Earth Shock cast. This means that if I have 65 Maelstrom and I hit Earth Shock, only 50 Maelstrom will be used and it will apply two stacks of Fulmination to the target. Fulmination increases damage of the next Lightning Bolt by 100% (with Electric Discharge 120%). This debuff can stack up to 10 times, therefore buffing up to 10 Lightning Bolt in succession. A fully empowered Maelstrom applies three Fulmination stacks. I can’t wait to see how these empowered crackling babies are going to stomp holes through my enemies.

Fulmination empowered Lightning Bolts hit hard.

While thinking about this I traveled back to the Zandalari Princess who you might remember from my first diary entry. Even after my absence and killing spree, she’s still standing between the bodies of her fallen subjects. And she’s still upholding a quest for me. Of course, the most important thing right after discovering these bodies is: revenge. Right after requesting to kill some of those blood trolls, she quickly disposes of all bodies in the area with a holy nova. I don’t know about these Zandalari, but back on the Echo Islands we’d surely provide a proper burial for fighters of our nation…

Dead Zandalari Fighters scattered around their Princess

This princess knows how to get rid of bodies...

Killing multiple blood trolls should be quite easy because I already reduced their numbers during my killing spree. To my surprise, their ranks are already filled up again. Oh treasure chest! My ancestor Meany Mab just notified me about one being close by. Once again I become side tracked for a short while. I can see a chest within a small ruin. I don’t dare to immediately enter, because there seems to be some ominous green mist. But well… I fought Ragnaros. I dodged his hammers, magma waves, and successfully killed other villains so surely there is no reason to fear some greenish mist? I take a deep breath, jump into the ruin, quickly loot the chest which again rewards me with a placeholder item. I promptly leave. I was as quick as the wind, but this might’ve been my problem. Wind interacts quite a lot with mist, right? My throat hurts. This mist must’ve been poisonous but it doesn’t seem to linger. I take a quick sip from my conjured surge and feel healed again. I’ll try to remember to watch out for misty areas and not fight in these. (I couldn’t know at that point, that this knowledge would save myself later on. But this is part of a future entry.)

Don't trust mist of strange colours when you see a treasure and a body within...

Slightly disoriented from my sudden treasure chest chase I return to kill multiple blood trolls. While killing, I see some of my Horde friends jumping around frantically. I think they are trying to dodge laid out traps but I failed to notice any yet. I’m fighting one of these ugly, blood smeared blood trolls when I suddenly notice a torch dangling from my backpack. The princess must’ve given me that. Oh right… I shall burn her fallen warriors. Finally some sort of burial. I’m not sure what this torch is made of but these bodies are immediately catching fire.

Burning Zandalari body

I keep cleaning up and after a while I can no longer spot any fallen Zandalari, so I’m starting to look around for the princess. I find her in a field of dead blood trolls. But before I can reach her I feel the call to fight mighty foes and ancient magic starts to tear a rift through space as my Group Finder queue has finally popped.

And with these lines I’m going to end this second diary entry. I hope you enjoyed this little insight. I’m going to try to write more about this journey in the future. It looks like the next diary entry is going to be a report about the adventure that followed. Crude deaths, heroic totems and some unintended accidents await.

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