The Netherlight Crucible


What is the Netherlight Crucible?

The final system in Patch 7.3’s new content is the Netherlight Crucible, a new feature of relics that gives each relic a tiny “artifact tree”. Think of it as a new progression system for 60 artifact traits and beyond (up to 75). There are a few things to note that have caused some confusion:

  • Each relic has its own crucible tree, allowing you to select either a Light or Shadow trait, and one of three artifact traits to add an additional point to.
  • You CANNOT change your crucible tree choices once you have picked them!
  • Each crucible tree has three rows:
    • Row one: weapon item level increased by 5 ‘trait’
    • Row two: Shadow (left) and Light (right) traits.
    • Row three: Random relics (left, middle, right) that can be accessed once you’ve chosen a Shadow or Light trait. Shadow can access left/middle, Light can access middle/right.
  • Crucible trees are randomly generated and specific to a particular instance of a relic. You can get an identical relic (same name, slot, and item level) with different Shadow/Light traits and additional artifact traits.
  • The Row three traits cannot be the same trait as the one in the selected relic.


WoWHead Crucible Calculator (Courtesy: WoWHead)

When do I unlock it?


NLC Trait Requirements (Courtesy: Anshlun via WoWHead)

If you have below 60-66 traits right now, you’ll get 15 item levels to your weapon immediately upon unlocking the Netherlight Crucible, and you will get to choose between a Light and Shadow trait for some of your relics, but not the third row of additional artifact traits.

How do I know which traits to pick?

Always consult simulations before picking a trait. Raidbots has a new Crucible simming tool in the relic section which streamlines the process into an easy few clicks. You can choose the crucible traits available and find the best combination with the Duplicate button. It’s impossible (impractical) for us to simulate all the different combinations, so this is your best bet if you’re concerned. However, we have valued the individual traits in the charts below, which can also be found in the guide’s artifact page. crucible_raidbots_1

Trait values

Patchwerk (Single Target)

Beastlord (Intermittent AoE)