Elemental Guide 7.2.5

This page serves as a hub for all elemental shaman resources. We previously had three separate builds for each level 100 talent but have condensed this information into a single guide for Patch 7.2.5. Navigation between pages can be done in the menu on the right.

7.2.5 and Tomb of Sargeras TL;DR

  • Icefury is back in action thanks to Frost Shock buffs.
  • Smoldering Heart is overtuned and incredibly powerful. UPDATE: With incoming tuning changes scheduled for June 20, gloves will no longer be overtuned but will still be BiS.
  • Earth Shock was buffed and Earthquake nerfed to make it clear that you should use Earth Shock in single target (yes this means the meme build is dead).
  • T19 was nerfed so there’s less of a gap between tier strength.
  • Storm Elemental is still useless.

June 20 tuning:

  • Damage of all abilities increased by 3%.
  • Smoldering Heart proc chance is now 10% per 100 Maelstrom spent (was 20%).

7.2.5 changes

This patch has been much quieter than 7.1.5 for us, with only a few changes to spells and sets. The full list of relevant changes are as follows:



  • Smoldering Heart — fantastic new legendary gloves that give you a 0.20% chance per point of Maelstrom spent to grant Ascendance for 10 seconds. In practise, Earth Shock will have a 22-25% chance, Earthquake has a 10% chance (per cast, not tick), and Flame Shock/Frost Shock have a 4% chance. Read more about this on the legendary page.
  • Tier 20 2-piece bonus: Reduces the cooldown of Fire Elemental by 3.0 sec (Storm Elemental by 1.5 sec) when Flame Shock periodic damage deals a critical strike. This effect may happen once per second.
  • Tier 20 4-piece bonus: While Fire Elemental/Storm Elemental is active, your Flame Shock ticks deal 40% increased damage and always critically strike.
  • Tier 19 4-piece bonus: Elemental focus increases damage and healing by an additional 7% (down from 10%).

Video Guide by Naesam


  • Jun. 15 – Updated to reflect T20 changes.
    Jun. 9 – Major guide overhaul for patch 7.2.5. Read it, please!