Elemental Guide 7.3

This page serves as a hub for all elemental shaman resources. We previously had three separate builds for each level 100 talent but have condensed this information into a single guide for Patch 7.2.5. Navigation between pages can be done in the menu on the right.

7.3 TL;DR

  • It’s harder to cap mastery now.
  • Cast Earthquake in AoE (2+ targets).
  • Some spells have been buffed.
  • Static Overload now only occurs on the first Chain Lightning after casting Stormkeeper.
  • Very little has changed with legendary and talent choices in mind.

7.3 changes

The full list of changes for this patch can be found in this blog post on the front page.

Video Guide by Naesam

Though this guide was made for Patch 7.2/7.2.5, much of the information is still very valuable and relevant. Do note that stat priorities have slightly changed in Patch 7.3, so refer to the stats page in this guide over Naesam’s video for those.


  • August 29 – Patch 7.3! Short list of what has changed:
    • Stat priorities
    • Talent choices
    • Relic simulations (now in the Artifact page!)
    • AoE rotation
    • Legendary priority in AoE
    • Gambling build
  • Jun. 15 – Updated to reflect T20 changes.
  • Jun. 9 – Major guide overhaul for patch 7.2.5. Read it, please!