Elemental Guide 7.3.5

This page serves as a hub for all elemental shaman resources.

7.3.5 and Antorus, the Burning Throne TL;DR

  • No class changes have been made yet as of Antorus release. Some changes are expected to come after the raid launches.
  • Tier 21 set bonuses are now accounted for in this guide. Talent, stat and rotational changes are listed under relevant sections.

Written quick reference

If you’re just here to look at a mass list of Antorus changes with some explanation, visit this page by wfarr.

Video Guide by Naesam

Video for Antorus coming soon!


  • Updated 11/24 Antorus, the Burning Throne update (Patch 7.3.5)
    • Re-visit the stats, talents and rotation pages for updated information on Tier 21 usage.
  • Updated 8/29 Patch 7.3
    • Stat priorities
    • Talent choices
    • Relic simulations (now in the Artifact section!)
    • AoE rotation
    • Legendary priority in AoE
    • Gambling build
  • Updated 15/6 Updated to reflect T20 changes.
  • Updated 9/6 Major guide overhaul for patch 7.2.5.