The images below show the best path for putting points into your artifact weapon. If you are looking for relic comparisons, check the bottom of this page.

Artifact trait path

Traits 0 to 35


Traits 36 and beyond



Relic priorities differ from build to build and depending on the fight style. “+1 weapon item level” is the DPS gained from a 954 item level weapon being upgraded to 955. All simulations were done with 1 point in Concordance of the Legionfall (this is the standard case for SimulationCraft T20M profiles). The described traits show the dps increase with one additional point in that trait (5 instead of 4 points).

Single target

Beastlord (intermittent AoE)

Netherlight Crucible

See the post on our blog about the Netherlight Crucible for more information.

Patchwerk (Single Target)

Beastlord (Intermittent AoE)