Stats and Gear

Due to the advent of the Titanforging system, BiS lists are a defunct practice, and as such, for most accurate gearing, we suggest you simulate each piece of gear you obtain against your other gear to find the most effective gear set. Aside from that, following a general stat priority is the most practical way to move forward with gearing. Additionally, we are focused on single target output for raid environments, as it is vastly more important than building for AoE or cleave specifically, but don’t be afraid to experiment with talents to tailor yourself to a raid encounter.

Stat priorities and ratios

Below are our advised stat strategies for different legendary and talent combinations. We won’t release numbers for every single talent and legendary combination, but in general you can follow the Belt + Ring section, unless you are using the gloves or gambling build. We’ve decided to bring back the stat ratios, but these may change as we develop a new method for stat distribution suggestions!

Ascendance (3112331)

Priority: Haste > Critical Strike = Mastery >>> Versatility
Ratio: For every X Haste, you want 0.85x Critical Strike, 0.80x Mastery, and 0.40x Versatility

Lightning Rod (3112332)

Priority: Haste > Critical Strike >> Mastery >> Versatility
Ratio: For every X Haste, you want 0.85x Critical Strike, 0.65x Mastery, and 0.30x Versatility

Icefury (3002333)

Priority: Critical Strike >> Haste >> Mastery = Versatility
Ratio: For every X Critical Strike, you want 0.75x Haste, 0.40x Mastery, and 0.40x Versatility

Gambling (3111221)

Priority: Haste >> Critical Strike >>>>>> Mastery = Versatility
Ratio: For every X Haste, you want 0.90x Critical Strike, 0.20x Mastery, and 0.20x Versatility

Big note about stats

In the past, many people have suggested that the 86.5% Mastery cap was a breakpoint — a rating for you to reach for some advantageous effect. This was and is not the case. The 86.5% Mastery cap was the level at which Elemental Blast‘s Mastery buff would’ve brought you to 100% mastery, which was a cap. You did not want to reach this. You must’ve stayed under it and continued to maintain your stat ratios. Sacrificing any of your other stats to reach 86.5% Mastery resulted in a loss. With 7.3 the mastery chance was changed, increasing the rating needed to reach this form of cap. Don’t look for it. It’s still a dps loss.

What are stat ratios?

New to stat ratios? Unsure what the above ratios mean? It’s very simple! You want to prioritise the first stat listed for a build but not neglect your other stats. Instead, you should keep them in the ratios provided. As an example, for Icefury, if you had 10,000 Critical Strike, you would want 6,500 Mastery, 4,000 Versatility, and 2,500 Haste. Note that there are no breakpoints! This is just the optimal secondary stat distribution for maximising DPS.

Tier 19 versus Tier 20: What do I do?

With the recent buff to T20 (and the nerf to T19), you will ultimately want to upgrade to the new tier. However, when and how you upgrade is hard to quantify for everyone, so we recommend simming yourself with upgrades and making use of simcraft’s


syntax as shown below. To enable the T20 bonus:


and to disable the T19 bonus:


With all of that said, however, you will probably aim to keep your T19 4-piece bonus until you can switch to the T20 4-piece. Keep an eye on updates given tuning is still in progress.

Tier 20 specific pieces

You should equip the following tier pieces for the optimal off-tier pieces to suit the stat ratios above:

In addition to the best-optimised stats, this setup also gives room for the new legendary gloves Smoldering Heart and the Suramar dungeon 2-piece bonus from the Epaulets of Deceitful Intent shoulders. Using the Tier 19 2-piece bonus can be better than the Suramar dungeon set, but it would block the use of the legendary gloves.

Should I replace my legendary with this tier piece?

We recognise that Legion legendary RNG is not kind to everyone, and some may go a long time without the legendary gloves. It is a very good idea to maintain a 4-piece bonus (either titanforged Tier 19 or normal Tier 20), but you may find that losing a set bonus in favour of a legendary is a DPS increase. The only suggestion we can give is to sim it yourself. There are four legendaries that can block you from completing the tier set; Echoes, Uncertain Reminder, Roots of Shaladrassil, and Smoldering Heart.