IMPORTANT NOTE: The below information will be updated when pre-Mythic ToS tuning is completed. Please visit the Overview page for a list of tuning changes.

This page has data on legendary DPS comparisons as well as legendary-specific information for how to utilise them.

Single target legendary combination values

Legendary Combinations

The above chart shows the value of different legendary combinations in a Patchwerk-style encounter with the T20M profile and Ascendance.

Beastlord (AoE) legendary combination values


The above chart shows the value of different legendary combinations in a Beastlord-style (AoE) encounter with the T20M profile and Lightning Rod.

Al’Akir’s Acrimony (Alakirs)

The legendary bracers provide an easy DPS increase during AoE and cleave. Bracers increase the value of Lightning Rod in cleave and AoE situations slightly, but this doesn’t necessarily change anything in your priority list.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None. Do not substitute Chain Lightning in single target situations.

The Blood Deceiver’s Pact (Deceivers)

Although the legendary boots lost their strength in 7.1.5 (effect reduced to a 20% chance to refund Maelstrom), they’ve regained some appeal thanks to their synergy with the new legendary gloves and the 25% buff to Earth Shock in 7.2.5.

Echoes of the Great Sundering (Echoes)

The legendary shoulders are versatile and provide an increase in all situations. Even though they are not quite optimal for single target, don’t neglect the proc on single target fights. Always make use of the Earthquake proc before casting another Earth Shock. Encounter awareness helps with maximising the benefit from this item — delay casting Earthquake if the boss will move or if adds will spawn within the 10 seconds the proc is available. Never delay an Elemental Blast cast to cast the proc. The synergy between Echoes of the Great Sundering and The Blood Deceiver’s Pact is not significant enough to warrant taking these two items together over a more favourable legendary combination (see tables above).

Eye of the Twisting Nether (EotN)

The legendary shaman ring provides a nice, easy DPS boost. Elemental Blast will proc all three effects, making the buff easy to keep up. The effect, stats and prismatic socket make this an appealing legendary.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None.

Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle (Girdle)

The legendary belt provides a great, passive DPS increase.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None. Do not try to maximise the DoT-stack uptime.

Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish (KJBW)

The legendary trinket is a very strong increase for AoE and cleave situations and also provides some mediocre secondary stat boosts. The damage is less pronounced on single target but still provides an increase over a non-legendary trinket setup. Always use the trinket on single target unless 1) a period of AoE or cleave is coming up shortly, and 2) you won’t lose a cast of the trinket over the course of the encounter.

  • Rotation changes recommended: Treat the trinket like Stormkeeper. Save it for AoE if you don’t lose a cast over the duration of the fight.

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus (Prydaz)

The added stats on this legendary in 7.1.5 made this a very versatile and all-around good legendary. Don’t underestimate its value during progression.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None.

Roots of Shaladrassil (Roots)

The extra stats added to the legendary pants in 7.2 brought them more in line with the throughput legendaries. Having a powerful heal that scales with your health pool is a very attractive option during progression.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None.

Sephuz’s Secret (Sephuz)

This legendary ring provides an easy DPS increase during trash or add encounters. Earthquake‘s knockdown, Lightning Surge Totem‘s stun, Earthgrab Totem‘s root, Purge and Wind Shear all trigger the haste bonus, allowing the best uptime during extended trash pack fights or consistent add spawns. The passive 2% haste and 10% movement speed make this a very decent legendary. If you can proc the haste effect, it becomes extremely useful and one of the best situational legendaries you can equip.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None. (You should already be spamming Earthquake on those packs.)

Smoldering Heart (Smoldering)

The Smoldering Heart is the best single legendary you can get, bar none. Its effect is massively powerful, giving Earth Shock a 22-25% chance, Earthquake a 10% chance, and Flame Shock/Frost Shock a 4% chance to grant Ascendance for 10 seconds. However, you must be aware of some playstyle changes and notes about this legendary that aren’t apparent from the tooltip.

  • Rotation changes recommended: Cast as though you have Ascendance talented during the buff.

Special note about Gloves and the Casino/Gambling Spec:

Taking Aftershock and wearing The Blood Deceiver’s Pact can be your best single target DPS option. Aftershock has an excellent synergy with these two legendaries, but to prevent Maelstrom overflow, you should cast Earth Shock at ~70 Maelstrom instead of the usual 111-117.

Soul of the Farseer (Soul)

As mentioned in the Talents page, you should take Liquid Magma Totem with this legendary equipped. Do not take Storm Elemental in any situation.

  • Rotation changes recommended: Use Liquid Magma Totem on cooldown in single target; save it for regular add spawns in AoE.

Uncertain Reminder (UR)

The legendary helm is a strong DPS increase for both short fights and incredibly long (10+ minute) fights. This legendary allows for greater synergy with Fire Elemental and Potion of Prolonged Power, as you get a full minute of lusted Fire Elemental/Prolonged Power rather than just 40 seconds.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None.

Vigilance Perch (Vigilance)

Vigilance Perch has no effect in instanced content. It has some use in World Questing, but we recommend avoiding this legendary.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None.