The elemental priority is fairly straightforward — the choice of which spell to cast next is often easily made. However, buff and resource management both play a vital role in your success and are important skills to learn. This is especially apparent when using Icefury, which requires careful planning of cooldowns, buffs and Maelstrom to pull off optimally.

Tier 21 rotational changes

There isn’t much to note for rotational changes with the Tier 21 set bonus, but a few things will come up that we’ll cover in this mini-section:

  • You should, for the most part, think of the Tier 21 2 piece bonus (called Earthen Strength) as another passive.
  • You don’t want to cast Lava Burst to gain Earthen Strength on 4+ targets.
  • There is no evidence that it is worth min-maxing the Earthen Strength buff for Icefury empowered Frost Shock casts. Instead, treat it as a passive boost.
  • Keep in mind is that Earthen Strength is applied with Lava Burst hits the target, not when the cast finishes. This can be an issue with bosses that have very large hitboxes (like Krosus).
  • You should be able to cast Earth Shock, Earthquake, or Frost Shock immediately after a Lava Surge cast, since the global cooldown will still be active while the instant Lava Burst is flying towards the target. Lava Burst travels at 50yd/sec, so even at max range (40yd), it will take 0.8 seconds to hit the target which is well below an achievable global cooldown time. The cast following Lava Surge will benefit from Earthen Strength.

Normal rotation

Select a talent to view the relevant priority:

  1. Cast Flame Shock if either are true:
    • It is not on the target, OR
    • It will expire in 9 seconds or less, your Maelstrom is 20 or higher, and you have a stack of Elemental Focus.
  2. Cast Totem Mastery if any of the following are true:
    • It is not active, OR
    • You are out of its range, OR
    • It will expire in the next 3 seconds.
  3. Cast Elemental Blast when available.
  4. Cast Earth Shock when your Maelstrom is 117 or higher.
  5. Cast Stormkeeper if you will be able to use all 3 charges before the buff expires (therefore: mind your Ascendance).
  6. Cast Lightning Bolt if Power of the Maelstrom and Stormkeeper are active.
  7. Cast Lava Burst when available.
  8. Cast Earth Shock when your Maelstrom is 111 or higher.
  9. Cast Lightning Bolt.

Other talents

Multi-target rotation

2 targets

  1. Cast Flame Shock on both targets with the same considerations as single target.
  2. Replace Earth Shock with Earthquake, using it when your Maelstrom is 50 or higher.
  3. Replace Lightning Bolt with Chain Lightning, but use Lightning Bolt if you have Power of the Maelstrom.
  4. Make these changes, and do the single target rotation above.

3 targets

  1. Cast Liquid Magma Totem if selected.
  2. Cast Elemental Blast if selected.
  3. Cast and maintain Flame Shock on all targets.
  4. Cast Earthquake.
  5. Cast Chain Lightning.
  6. Cast Lava Burst only with Lava Surge procs.

4+ targets

  1. Cast Liquid Magma Totem if selected.
  2. Cast Earthquake when available.
  3. Cast Chain Lightning.

Cooldown usage

Ascendance – Make sure you use Ascendance when it makes sense to do so; don’t cast it right before a period where you’ll be unable to attack due to movement or other mechanics.

Stormkeeper – In encounters with multiple add spawns, it is often a gain to save Stormkeeper for when adds are up, both for increased DPS and for priority add burst. An example of this is Harjatan’s adds. Saving Stormkeeper to kill these helps your DPS and your raid’s overall progress in the encounter.

Fire Elemental – It is important to use Fire Elemental when you will gain the maximum benefit from it. It is recommended to use this in conjunction with your potions and heroism — even if it means holding the spell for a while (but not so long that you’d lose another use of it during the encounter).

Smoldering Heart (Smoldering)

The Smoldering Heart is the best single legendary you can get, bar none. Its effect is massively powerful, giving Earth Shock a 11-12.5% chance, Earthquake a 5% chance, and Flame Shock/Frost Shock a 2% chance to grant Ascendance for 10 seconds. However, you must be aware of some playstyle changes and notes about this legendary that aren’t apparent from the tooltip.

  • Rotation changes recommended: Cast as though you have Ascendance talented during the buff.

Special note about Gloves and the Casino/Gambling Spec:

A post about the Gambling/Casino build has been made here.