This page is a simple simulation dump for various different comparisons. Legendary and trinket simulations are in their own pages found in the links on the right. Unless specified, the gear profile used for these simulations is T20M.


Talent choices are covered in detail on the Talents page. However, people often ask about the relative differences between talents. These simulations should not be taken as gospel and instead represent how different talent combinations differ in DPS given optimal stat distributions (calculated with Bloodystats). Only secondary stats and talents were changed, with all other gear reflecting the T20M profile. The list below is for Patchwerk Single Target ONLY.

  1. 3xx1221 – Gamble build with Storm Elemental (Totem Mastery, Aftershock, Primal Elementalist, Storm Elemental, Ascendance) – roughly 1,390,000 DPS
  2. 3xx2333 – Icefury (variant #1) ( Totem Mastery. Ancestral Swiftness, Elemental Blast, Echo of the Elements. Icefury) – roughly 1,350,000 DPS
  3. 3xx1231 – Ascendance (variant #2) (Totem Mastery, Aftershock, Primal Elementalist, Echo of the Elements, Ascendance) – roughly 1,340,000 DPS
  4. 3xx2331 – Ascendance (variant #1) (Totem Mastery, Ancestral Swiftness, Elemental Blast, Echo of the Elements, Ascendance) – roughly 1,330,000 DPS
  5. 3xx2332 – Lightning Rod (Totem Mastery, Ancestral Swiftness, Elemental Blast, Echo of the Elements, Lightning Rod) – roughly 1,310,000 DPS

We tested every single talent combination with optimised stat distributions, and these were a few of the highest.

Consumables & Enhancements

Enchanting your rings depends on your character’s stat distribution, so we recommend simulating yourself with the four different stats to see which gives you the best DPS gain.


Your raid group should be using Lavish Suramar Feast, but The Hungry Magister is the best option if the feast is unavailable.

  1. Lavish Suramar Feast
  2. The Hungry Magister
  3. Nightborne Delicacy Platter
  4. Fishbrul Special
  5. Azshari Salad
  6. Seed-Battered Fish Plate

Neck Enchants

There is a small difference in neck enchant value, and as such you may see a different order when simulating your own character.

Single target
  1. Mark of the Hidden Satyr
  2. Mark of the Claw
  3. Mark of the Trained Soldier
  1. Mark of the Claw
  2. Mark of the Trained Soldier
  3. Mark of the Hidden Satyr


Racial sims were done in a Patchwerk scenario using Lavish Suramar Feast as food. There is no difference between the racial order and the Level 100 talents. Pick the race you enjoy the look of the most.



Relics can now be found in the Artifact/Relics page.