Below you can find a tier-by-tier description of each talent and our recommendations. If you just want a quick reference for talents, our talent cheat sheet is at the bottom of this page.

Differences between 7.2.5 and 7.3.0

Desirable talents remain largely unchanged in 7.3.0, though the power of Storm Elemental with Tier 20 and the Gambling Build has come up thanks to the cooldown reduction buff on the tier set. Totem Mastery remains the best choice in the Level 15 tier.

With the Frost Shock buffs, Icefury can sim above Ascendance or Lightning Rod in Single Target. However, there are still plenty of caveats to take note of before using Icefury.

Talent tiers

Level 15

  • Path of Flame – Powerful for single target encounters when paired with Ascendance and high levels of mastery (more than 80%).
  • Earthen Rage – Lackluster, performing worse than the other two options.
  • Totem Mastery – Powerful for single target, cleave and AoE encounters. Excellent synergy with the T20 set bonuses.

Our recommendation: Totem Mastery as the default and whenever you have the T20 4-piece bonus. Path of Flame should only be taken with very high levels of mastery (more than 80%) and T19.

Level 30

  • Gust of Wind – Great mobility on a short cooldown.
  • Ancestral Guidance – A powerful AoE heal that can help healers in a tight spot, but is generally not that useful.
  • Wind Rush Totem – Can see some limited used in specific encounters.

Our recommendation: Gust of Wind in every situation. Healing issues are very rarely solved by Ancestral Guidance, and Wind Rush Totem is better taken by shamans of other specs due to the loss of mobility without Gust of Wind.

Level 45

  • Lightning Surge Totem – Reliable, ranged AoE stun on a medium-length cooldown. Timing takes some practise.
  • Earthgrab Totem – Mostly used in PVP, but an encounter with adds that need to be snared could warrant use of this talent.
  • Voodoo Totem – Should not be taken in any situation.

Our recommendation: Lightning Surge Totem as the default. Very rarely, you can take Earthgrab Totem.

Level 60

Our recommendation: Ancestral Swiftness as the default. Aftershock is competitive with Ancestral Swiftness, and can pull ahead with the legendaries mentioned above. Very rarely can you take Elemental Mastery.

Level 75

  • Elemental Fusion – This could be good in council-style spread cleave encounters but is currently never used.
  • Primal Elementalist – A significant buff to your elementals, giving them increased damage and extra abilities. Favours critical strike and haste, as mastery has no effect on elementals.
  • Elemental Blast – A hard-hitting ability with a potent buff for 8 seconds — Mastery: Elemental Overload causes an additional buff roll but may simply refresh the current stat.

Our recommendation: Elemental Blast as the default. If you find it difficult to use Elemental Blast on cooldown, take Primal Elementalist. The T20 set bonuses are not enough to favour Primal Elementalist.

Level 90

  • Liquid Magma Totem – A good AoE cooldown when you can guarantee a number of targets will be in its radius for the full duration. Best used in Mythic+ dungeons or encounters with a large number of adds.
  • Storm Elemental – Replaces your Fire Elemental with a shorter-cooldown, Maelstrom-generating elemental. With patch 7.3’s change to the T20 2-piece bonus, this is a viable option in the Gambling build only when you have a significant level of haste compared to crit. Sim it before using this talent, and consider the downfalls of losing Echo of the Elements.
  • Echo of the Elements – Puts Lava Burst onto a charge system with two charges, giving you a buffer for Lava Surge procs and giving you leeway in deciding when to cast Lava Burst over the baseline cooldown system.

Our recommendation: Echo of the Elements as the default. In encounters with a large number of adds, or in Mythic+, try Liquid Magma Totem. If you have Soul of the Farseer, take Liquid Magma Totem.

Level 100

  • Ascendance – A powerful single target cooldown. Has strong synergy with Elemental Blast and Path of Flame. Taken in encounters with clearly defined burst windows that will allow you to stand still for its duration.
  • Lightning Rod – Strong in single target, strong in cleave and strong in AoE. Lightning Rod should be your talent of choice if you can have two or more instances of Lightning Rod active. Beginners should choose this talent over Ascendance, as it does not depend on fight length or pre-planned, long periods of no movement.
  • Icefury – This talent only shines when used optimally. Proper usage of Icefury and Frost Shock requires a good deal of resource and cooldown management. Recent buffs brought Frost Shock up in power, making Icefury an attractive alternative to the other two talents — even in Patchwerk single target encounters.

Our recommendation: Ascendance as the default. Lightning Rod for cleave and intermittent (Beastlord-style) AoE. Icefury only if you are comfortable with the rotation.

Talent build cheat sheets

Gambling build (3111221)

Note: this is dependent on some other criteria, read the Gambling build page for more information

Ascendance (3112331)

Lightning Rod (3112332)

Icefury (3112333)

Mythic+ (3112312)