Elemental Legendary Guide

Last updated: January 19, 2017 at 18:24 pm

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These legendary sims were compiled using sets of gear for each build, locked at ilvl 890, with as near to optimal stats as achievable using only Nighthold and Trial of Valor gear.  That means these numbers are realistically achievable results.

The numbers above, as stated, are realistic gear sets comprised of raid loot at 890 ilvl. But, the sims are for one legendary only. That said, interactions between legendaries, such as boots and shoulders are no longer a large enough change to require a large legendary sim-set per say as post nerf the interaction has been minimized due to lower proc chances. While simming a combo on your own gear is the only way to know which combination is better for you based on your gear, an approximate can be surmised from this chart. If two legendaries alone are better for Icefury than Ascendance, you can guess that together, Ascendance is even worse, etc.

Claptrap Note:
It’s up to you where you draw the line between “viable” or “not viable.” If 5% DPS less in Ascendance compared to Icefury is fine with you, play Ascendance. As I have said several times on Earthshrine, we are comparing these two talent builds on a pure ST output basis, you should expect to have to know how to play both (and even some unorthodox talent combos) in order to excel in Nighthold.

Echoes of the Great Sundering

The legendary shoulders are a versatile Legendary that provides an increase in all situations. Even though they are not quite optimal for Single Target, don’t neglect the proc on single target fights. Always make use of the Earthquake proc before casting another Earth Shock. Encounter awareness helps with maximizing the benefit from this item — delay casting Earthquake if the boss will move or if adds will spawn within the 10 seconds the proc is available. Never delay an Elemental Blast cast to cast the proc. There is a synergy between Echoes of the Great Sundering and The Blood Deceiver’s Pact.

  • Rotation changes recommended: Make use of EQ procs before casting ES.

The Blood Deceiver’s Pact

The legendary boots took a hit in 7.1.5 to 20% chance to refund Maelstrom and are no longer the strongest Single Target legendary. The decreased proc chance allows for a smoother Icefury rotation and still retains its synergy with Echoes of the Great Sundering.  Do not delay an Elemental Blast cast to cast another Earth Shock if possible unless moving. Make sure you dump all of your boot procs before casting Icefury to avoid overcapping Maelstrom. For example, if you Earth Shock at 86+ maelstrom and your boots proc but IF comes off CD, dump your boot procs first.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None.  Do not delay Elemental Blast to cast a 2nd Earth Shock unless you are moving

Eye of the Twisting Nether

The legendary shaman ring provides a nice, easy DPS boost.  This is the BiS legendary for 7.1.5 if you plan to play Icefury.  Elemental Blast will proc all three effects, making the buff easy to keep up.  The effect, haste, and prismatic socket make this an appealing legendary.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None

Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle

The legendary belt provides a median DPS increase. This legendary is 2nd BiS and provides almost equal output when playing Icefury or Ascendance.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None

Al’Akir’s Acrimony

The legendary bracers provides an easy DPS increase during AoE and cleave. Bracers increase the value of LR in cleave and AoE situations slightly, but this doesn’t necessarily change anything in your priority list.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None, do not substitute CL in Single Target situations

Sephuz’s Secret

The legendary ring provides an easy DPS increase during trash or add encounters. Earthquake’s knockdown, Lightning Surge stun, Earthgrab’s root, and Wind Shear trigger the haste bonus allowing the best up-time during extended trash pack fights or consistent add spawn. Sadly bosses don’t provide that boost therefore rendering this ring meaningless against non-add bosses.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None (you should already be spamming Earthquake on those packs)

Roots of Shaladrassil

These pants show no DPS gain over any other legendary.  The heal is viable in some situations.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus

The added stats on this legendary in 7.1.5 makes this a very versatile and all around good legendary.  The shield is a nice bonus and the neck is a great substitute if you are having trouble obtaining an Arcanocrystal. There is now no reason to be sad if you roll this Legendary.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None

Uncertain Reminder

The legendary helm is a strong DPS increase, however Icefury benefits more from the increased Bloodlust/Heroism duration than Ascendance does. This legendary allows for greater synergy with Fire Elemental and Potion of Prolonged Power as you get a full 1 minute of lusted Fire Elemental/Prolonged Power rather than just 40 seconds. Overall, this legendary is 3rd BiS.

  • Rotation changes recommended: None

Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish

The legendary trinket is a very strong increase for AOE and cleave situations and also provides some medicore secondary stat boosts. The damage is less pronounced on Single Target but still provides an increase over a non-legendary trinket setup. Always use the trinket on Single Target unless a period of AOE or Cleave is coming up shortly and you won’t lose a cast of the trinket over the course of the encounter. Again, Icefury benefits more as the trinket cd might have to be delayed during Ascendance and cause the loss of a usage over the course of the fight. Overall, this trinket is a good choice over the lesser utility legendaries but does not provide as high of an increase as the top contenders.

  • Rotation changes recommended: Treat the trinket like Stormkeeper. Save it for AOE if you don’t lose a cast over the duration of the fight.