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    Elemental is weak compared to many other classes/specs right now.At least that’s how i feel.
    How does everyone think 7.2 new traits will change this scenario?
    7.2 Also makes rerolling a lot easier.Do people feel like sticking with Elemental is worth?


    The new traits look okish for me. I dont know if the new traits will bring it closer to the rest of the pack or not. I already decide to reroll to another class but this is not so easy this days. Elemental is goot and fun to play just i feel dont bring so much as other classes. It have 2-3 fights that is rly rly good but on others is the bottom b*tch. For some strange reason blizz dont like Ele from long time. Never make it to be on the top. I dont talk even for top dps in raids. I talk for that it not have even 1 guild that use Ele in the mythic progression. The only guild that i know is good and think about using 2 Ele shamans was Exsorsus but they give up from that idea. Anyway i hope is good bcs im stuck with Ele untill our guild let me go another class.


    Still don´t understand why almost everyone think that “elemental is weak”. It´s true that elemental is lower on bosses like Krosus or other pure single target fights, but look to Scorp, Tichondrius, Botanist or Alluriel. Ele is one of the strongest specs here. Where elemental can AoE, he can do damn great job


    You don’t wipe on fights like Tich, Bota or Aluriel due to lacking add damage, you wipe to mechanics. If everyone does the mechanics fine damage won’t be a problem there and Ele’s strength becomes irrelevant to the outcome of the encounter.
    Fights like Krosus or Star Augur (at least pre-nerfs) on the other hand suffer from lacking ST Dmg. Their mechanics are rather simple and all that matters is ST dps – guess what, Ele sucks at that.

    This has always kinda been the case. There are mechanical fights where damage doesn’t really matter all that much and there have been fights where damage is the only thing that matters (these fights are usually ST patchwerk fights) – the latter usually being the progression blockers.

    Ele is fine when damage doesn’t matter (read: when there’s no relevant enrage timers or important timers like Elisande). Ele is fine when you outgear content greatly and only get to bosses after their damage requirements have been nerfed several times. Ele is not fine when you want to progress on a hardcore/semi hardcore level and can’t wait for all that to happen.


    I’m not quite sure where you get the idea that add damage doesn’t matter in progression fights unless you screw up mechanics. There are some pretty serious add dps checks in several nighthold fights on heroic and mythic, including enchantments on Aluriel, bats on Tich, time elementals on Elisande, and eyes and dreadlords on Gul’Dan. I’ve seen more than a few wipes (either in the sense of an immediate wipe or being set back enough that a wipe becomes inevitable later in the fight) due to groups seeing too many casts of frozen tempest/pyroblast/armageddon, failing to get enough orbs, or seeing too many exothermic releases/not getting bubbles up in time for arcanetic ring, even when we managed other mechanics well. This is in addition to cases like the scorpids on Skorpyron and the voidlings in Augur’s last phase, which aren’t too likely to outright wipe the group, but where strong AOE damage can take a lot of stress off tanks and healers and give them a bit more of a margin for error.


    This is indeed right, but still many of these adds need to be focused and just cannot be cleaved down. I mean, in hc you can just mass aoe and usually that’s more than enough, but in myth you need to single target them to burn them fast. Problem is that this is not where elementals shine the most. Dont get me wrong, I think that a good player will still be packing a good punch in many fights (but that is something that holds for all classes) and elemental is my favorite class in the game, but I think we deserve more love from mother blizzard, and some less rng-dependant rotation (not getting istant LvB on target switch is very frustrating).

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