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    I feel like my damage is not where it needs to be at for my ilvl. I just got whispers in the dark since the last logs. Let me know if you find anything glaring wrong. I am aware I forget to use totems way too much.

    These are our Heroic run logs from Tuesday:
    I am Thrallize-Rexxar


    Hey Thrallize,

    If I were you, I would try to do a comparison to top parses yourself to get the nuances. To do that,

    1. Click Compare on the top bar of a boss fight that you are looking at.
    2. Find your name on the Select a player dropdown.
    3. Hit search and see if you can notice any trends in the top DPS parses. (look at the talents people take and click in if you want to look deeper at when they used various abilities.

    Here is what I noted when looking at a few of your parses.

    1. Spellblade. That’s where we shine. You should be using Lightning Rod for that fight, not Ascendence. When the adds come out, you can blow them away, especially the arcane and icy adds. Save your stormkeeper for adds. You will be spamming chain lightning and earthquakes.
    2. Tich. Again, I would be using lightning rod. If your guild is good enough, they will keep the bloods at the boss. That’s when you will have huge DPS numbers. Even if they pull them away, you should be able to hit hard on the multi targets.

    Also, I would not use totem mastery when using ascendence. I would just use path of flame. Most fights we are moving a ton, so too easy to forget/move out of range.

    Overall comment, you need to change talents between fights. The Lightning Rod fights are Skorp, Spellblade, Tich, Maybe bot, maybe gul dan. The others, you should be good on ascendence.

    By no means have I optimized my own DPS, but I find comparing to the people doing the top damage is helpful.

    Masola – Antonidas

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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