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    I recently change to my elemental shaman to raid and i’m trying to be more specific with my equipment stats.

    together with the guide in this site i try to run some simcrafts.

    My armory is

    The confusion is that the simcrafts stats are totally different from the guidelines.

    For example:

    Using ascendance guide the stats would be : For every x Mastery, you want: 0.51x Critical Strike, 0.22x Haste, 0.07x Versatility

    And for LR: For every x Mastery, you want: 0.73 Critical strike, 0.17 Versatility, 0.15 Haste

    Bur my Simcrafts put Haste above even Int.

    there’s a minimun to haste that we should have before going for the guide?

    Should i pay more attention to what simcraft tells me or more to the guildelines in this site to look for bis equipments?



    I think what you are probably running into is threshold issues. I.E. your haste as compared to your Crit/Mastery is low and therefore you need to increase it before going back to the other priorities. The guide for lightning rod states “Critical strike = Mastery >> Haste = Versatility” but that does not mean ignore haste/vers at all costs in favor of Crit/Mastery. You gear will always require fine tuning as you get new items that change your overall stat weights.

    generally, your stat weights are fairly balanced for the current set of gear you have.

    With your current gear/spec your sim’d state weights are:
    ( Pawn: v1: “Matilda”: Class=Shaman, Spec=Elemental, Intellect=12.56, CritRating=12.19, HasteRating=13.14, MasteryRating=11.53, Versatility=11.89 )

    If I simply change the gems in your feet from mastery to haste I get the following stat weights:
    ( Pawn: v1: “Matilda”: Class=Shaman, Spec=Elemental, Intellect=12.88, CritRating=12.11, HasteRating=12.76, MasteryRating=12.04, Versatility=11.77 )
    Those are almost perfectly balanced state weights. But it only results in about a 1K DPS increase and I suspect it would show up as a decrease when you switch over to ascendance.

    Russell – aka crispym-Frostmane.


    Hi russellm

    thanks for all the info. I was reading more i think i misundertood the info in the guide.

    Using ascendance guide the stats would be : For every x Mastery, you want: 0.51x Critical Strike, 0.22x Haste, 0.07x Versatility

    And for LR: For every x Mastery, you want: 0.73 Critical strike, 0.17 Versatility, 0.15 Haste

    They are talking about % so if i have like 70% mastery i should have 50% crit for LR build. At least i understood this reading other post.

    Still, i think i’m underperforming with my gear.

    This are my last raids with my shaman. I always think i1m losing too much dps moving out of trouble but any help of priorities or wasting dps should help a lot.

    thank you,


    So it’s been a few days and I’m not sure if you still want help but there’s a few things I noticed going through your logs.
    So I went through your Krosus fight, and first off I’d really really suggest ascendence, its very forgiving and easy to work with and master. I’d suggest you enchant your rings and neck for mastery as getting to that 85% makes a huge difference.
    Back to the fight, Ima be honest I have no idea what you’re casting some of your spells on, you have two earthquakes which is a total waste on this fight, and the same goes for chain lightning(unless you’re guild is running some pro ass strat where all melee and is sprinting to the back and leaving all the adds up front to spawn and get cleaved down, but I know thats not the case because I watched group movements). Your elemental blast is also pretty low, EB should be cast on CD, you casted your’s 10 times on a 4:20 fight. If you were casting it on CD you would get 21 casts, which might be a stretch as you do have to move. But I had 17 casts on a 3:50 fight, so increasing that would help you out a ton. You also only used the your weapon cd 3 times instead of 4 so that would help. I also noticed that your Lava burst and lightning bolt are both pretty low too, so I’m just not sure what you’re doing, you should ALWAYS be casting unless you’re moving, and even then only move when you need to and as little as possible. Like on beam aint no need to run to the complete other side, 5 steps to the left or right will do and then just move back, the beam is consistent so it’ll be left than right, or vice versa.
    There’s a couple other things but they’re not as important. Sorry this is long, if you want more help or help on other fights I’m happy to help, just respond to this thread.


    Wow Thanks a Lot Recollection,

    I really need a lot of help improving. After this week guldan’s kill i got a whipser from my RL saying that if i want to mitic i need to improve. I know that, i was playing a unholy dk and i’m not even near same standard in DPS.

    You said about going ascendance but for krosus thats a primally a patchwerk fight right but the others with adds LR would not be betther.
    And PoF x TM i’m trying to use TM because of the lower mastery, is it correct?

    This is our last report with Elisandre and Guldan heroic and skorpyron mitic.

    Thanks a lot.


    Trilly and Krosus are the only ones you pretty much need to use ASC on, um with Gul’dan you pretty much have to as well. With Eli, I would suggest it but you don’t have to, but I would, especially when your group does work on adds and they aren’t up as long. The other 6-7 you’re better off as LR spec. Side note if your group is cheesing heroic Chrono ASC is better as you’ll only get one add phase.

    P.S. Two adds I never switch to, embers on krosus and lashers on bot, unless its a ele blast or lava burst is on CD and I’m lightnining, cause i aint dotting adds, its a waste of mael.

    Alright so on Gul’dan you want to be doing work on Gul’dan in phase one, you can dot the adds as they come up but stay on gul’dan until all 3 adds are up and stacked and then start smashing chain lighting until one of the adds die, and then go back to single target on the adds but use chain lightning not lightning bolt when theres 2 targets, always actually.

    Phase 2 save you storekeeper for eyes and then you’re gonna chain them down, they might be outta range but tbh its all you can do. always switch to the big add and keep Flame shock on boss and add.
    Ele is one of the worst fights for Gul’dan because of how the fight works so try not to get frustrated.


    And also dont earthquake at all on Gul’dan its a waste of Mael. not even on adds just earth shock.

    NOW mythic Skorp is a entirely different beast. You obviously want to be LR, but you also want to run liquid magma totem, it did almost 40 mil for me and it does it on its own so it’s well worth it.

    So basically when no adds you’re doing your normal rotation or EB on cd obi flame shock is always up, and then you’re lava burst on CD and then lightning bolt, but the second adds spawn you’re chain lightning and thats it, if you have to move throw a dot but you’re only wanting to cast CL, and throw down liquid magma when ever you can on adds. Also you want to save storekeeper just for adds, I like to use stormkeeper and magma totem on different sets of adds, or else they die to fast and you don’t maximize your dps.
    Once adds are dead or theres one big one left just go back to running single target on Skorp.


    Any tip for anomally mitic?
    We are in the last 30% of his life.
    We might kill him tonight

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