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    Hey folks,

    I find myself on nightshift again at work and farming stuff on shitty work pc…and I decided to prep my gear for 7.1.5.

    After swapping around pieces…I ended up (10.01.2017 so the 2ndary stat changes are not in yet) having :
    @ 890 Equipped ilvl , using legy shoulders +boots.

    I’ll most likely be aiming for the LB burst build since for progression it just makes sense to use a build that is easier to execute because I dont want to end up standing in puddles or what not and potentially wipe the raid or something:P

    Now my questions are:
    1. If we find ourselves in situations where we are at the 86.5% mastery (lets call it ”cap”) is it worth using crit food? Or gems / Enchants? (if we reach that without gemming/ ench for mastery) or should we just continue stacking mastery regardless of the so called ”cap” being reached allready?

    2.Stat sticks- They are well ranked on the sims. (would be nice to have the stat sticks with 2nd stat simmed too) I wasn’t lucky enough to get Unstable Arcanocrystal nor the Padawan’s charm..
    I will be using the Ethereal Urn (875ilvl) for one slot and I’ve been thinking of using the Helya Stat stick for the 2nd slot (880ilvl with crit rolled on it)

    I want to mention that I have a 865 Ruby that im considering …but …I fear ill be losing 4% crit+the intel in favor of more mastery, in my case it puts me close to 100% mast & proc.

    What are your thoughts on these matters?

    Thx in advance!

    1. Yep! You don’t want to go over 86.5% mastery, so use crit food or preferrably, Fishbrul. The same goes for gems and enchants, but I’d prioritise mastery on them unless you really have no way to drop below 86.5% without changing the gems/enchants. Stacking above 86.5% isn’t the end of the world, but you will see much less value from it due to the buff that Elemental Blast provides. At 86.5% mastery, the mastery buff from EB won’t cause you to reach the 100% hard cap.
    2. I only added the crit/mastery ones for either build to give a general idea of a stat stick’s strength. Which stat you would benefit more from depends on your own distribution of secondaries, so simming yourself is the best option. Don’t wear Aran’s Relaxing Ruby anymore, it got a significant nerf and is now one of the worst trinkets for single target DPS.

    Since when did it get the nerf? RIP Aran… oh well..considering this, should I be using the crit statstick rather then the other options I have available( Twisting Wind& Swarming Plaguehive) ?

    I know that simming is best, im at work atm so cant:P but considering im sitting on 25% crit using the crit statstick Im thinking I should stick to it since it also provides intel (Swarming Plaguehive does not and Twisting Wind’s proc is just meh…)

    PS: can’t we edit posts? or am I just too tired and not seing the button?


    You should be able to see an edit button in the bar at the top of your post. BBPress seems to have some issues, though.

    You should use the stat stick. Twisting Winds is terrible (and sims much higher than it should), and Swarming Plaguehive has fallen out of favour.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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