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    Above is a link to my character. I understand all the stat weights and such. I am geared the way I am only because of the 4 piece set bonus. What are some of your opinions on what gear I should chase after to get as close as possible to proper stat weights? Also, I have the legendary shoulders and Sephuz’s Secret. Thanks fellow shampows!


    I noticed that your mastery is low and your crit is high. Have you considered using lightning rod build for single target fights? I would suggest simming your self with simulation craft as well as trying both specs on a target dummy, attack the dummy for like 3 minutes and see which one looks better.

    Also in regards to gear it depends on what build you want to play, I would suggest targeting some more mastery gear, also the gear from arcway and CoS is nice if you can get it to forge up.


    My character above just got to level 110 last night still managing the ways of a shaman. Besides the obvious work on shaman quests in Maelstorm to better upgrade my weapon which I plan to do next week, can I just get suggestions for gearing up better like what mythics should I be doing etc. Any tips would be appreciated very much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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