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    Hello to all,

    Long time Shaman, first time blog user..

    My question is probably very simply, but..

    I am not able to get my gear stats to come anywhere near the ‘desired’ stat levels for guides.

    We are talking about 70 to 86% mastery and I can barely crack 40%..

    How are other shaman’s out there doing it?


    Ps. I am not saying I am a good shaman.. cause I move a lot so my dps is crap no matter what!


    Hi devonra,

    By no means am I an expert wow player or shaman player for that matter. I have enough mastery but too low crit with slightly too much haste. You want to judge the pieces you are putting on and replacing stuff with. That haste verse gear (example) may be 5 ilvls higher but it from possibly stats you don’t need will keep your dps the exact same or only slightly raise it if nor lower it. Even though Int is more important so if you have a massive upgrade it’s probably worth it (30 ilvls or more) but for 15 or less ilvls you need to really consider the stats and not equip stuff that doesn’t help. For trinkets and rings it is a higher ilvl difference (up to 60 to 80). For example I had a 835 crit stat stick and then got the solar flare trinket from Bot at 890. The 890 was only about 1k dps better on average. It’s because the stats are much worst for my current stat set up and the effect is mediocre. Since effects are powerful you need to think about trinkets more. Rings only contain secondary stats so it takes a significantly higher ilvl to even consider if it has bad stats.


    Instead of focusing on caps try the rations instead. As the guide shows you, Stat ratio
    For every x Mastery, you want: x Critical Strike, 0.26x Versatility, 0x Haste.

    Dont know if this is right, but I could imagen this is the way to go with lower gear. You can also sim yourself to find the best gear=)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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