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    So since Nighthold doesnt drop any lava imbued or EA relics, at what point do you guys think we should just take any trait for the ilvl. Frustrating not to have any decent relics being dropped from the current tier but I doubt they will be modified.


    Personally I am gonna farm Urosc and Ilgy on mythic for an 895 ilvl relic till i get 3x lava imbued and stay with those till they release something else.


    If you look at the relic info under the Ascendance build on this site, I believe it answers the question.

    each ilvl increase is worth .32% (due to stats increase). So, a 2 ilvl relic increase of anything except Firestorm would be an upgrade.

    I actually just had something like this happen. I replaced an 880 Molten Blast (.73% DPS increase) with an 890 Call of Thunder (2 x .32% + .40% DPS increase). I simmed it after and went from “576307.8” DPS to “579928.8” with a 234 DPS error rate.

    Russell – crispym-frostmane

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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