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    What is the difference between them DPS wise? I’ve heard that Potion of Prolonged power has good Synergy with Fire Elemental. I’ve been using that. Would I be better suited to use Deadly Grace for a single-target raidboss fight?



    I had the same question and came across some information in the FAQ about it.

    Which potion should I use and when?

    This question mostly depends on personal preference. Potion of Prolonged Power is useful as it buffs your Fire Elemental as well for an entire minute. Potion of Deadly Grace is a very strong potion to use during lust. As of 7.1.5, Potion of Prolonged Power pulls ahead of Potion of Deadly Grace. Make sure to pair it with a cooldown, especially Bloodlust/Heroism or Fire Elemental.

    Looks like PP is the way to go in 7.1.5.



    I was thinking the same thing. With the buff that int now gives to lava burst I would thing that PP is the way to go.

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