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    Hi everyone my name is Dimitris and i play Dxcz elemental shaman on silvermoon EU. I am new regarding the ele shamans i am only maining him for 42 days and as i am lucky enough to have the ring and belt i am thinking of going the ascendance spec but i wanted to ask if 1) i should change enchants from crit to mastery 2) if it happens to geat the helmet legendary or prydaz does it worth changing belt and going IF? (asking cause 2/3 relics are 880 EA and 1 is 875 for LI). 3) i am currently using an 880 cloak of mana-spun silk that gives mastery/versa(528/293) and has a socket, does it worth changing with an 895 gossamer-spun greatcloak which gives crit/mastery (360/509) 4) Trinkets: i am having an 875 ethereal urn, 880 plaguehive, 860 chrono shard, 860 with socket arans ruby, 870 infernal wit and 865 padawsen’s unlucky charm i cant decide which ones to use for asc, i am more closing in for ethereal and padawsen but i cant be sure cause sims show to me that chrono + ethereal is better atm.

    Thank you in advance for all the help you have provided in ele shamans with this site and hopefully i will get some answers that might help me understand more the class! Keep up the good work!



    1. Yes, you probably should change your enchants unless you have low crit and high mastery.
    2. You can switch freely between the specs without issue so play what you like
    3. Use the 895 cloak
    4. If you have low mastery, use ethereal urn and padawsen. Chrono shard is good but it’s more important to reach 86.5% mastery in my opinion

    Hope that helps!


    I see so the cap is 86.5 % mastery thank you 🙂 and also how does versa measures up with the rest stats? is it a viable option to pick some items with versa in them or just go purely for mastery crit ? also haste needs to be around 30-35%?


    If you are wanting to maximize yourself then the best thing would be to simulate yourself on a regular basis. The two add-ons that I use for this are sim-c and pawn. Sim-c allows you to copy and paste your game info into simulationcraft with great easy. Simulation craft will then give you your stat weights, depending on the type of fights that you enter into simulationcraft. After that, you import those stat weights into pawn and it will tell you a % increase that each item will give you, depending on the values that simulationcraft gives you. With a mastery cap, this becomes pretty important and very useful while weighing out different items. Also, keep in mind, that with this you should ALWAYS keep gear that has mastery on it. Even if you get an “upgrade” in that slot.

    To explain why: Lets say that you are Mastery capped. At this point you re-sim yourself. Simulationcraft ‘should’ give you a value of near 0 for mastery because any more and you will be over capped. This will make any crit and haste gear super strong for you. However, exchanging this piece of gear will also drop you blow mastery cap. At this point its time to play musical chairs with your mastery gear to work around the magical number.

    This is only if you are trying to push out every ounce of dps out of your gear. But if you are asking these types of questions then I would assume that this is what you are trying to head towards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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