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    Hey guys. I have little time to sim my char before work today and something is not right. My armory is Snuflaupagus (pandarien shaman on kazzak) I txt on phone so I cant give link. So I sim with the gear I got and I sim on 424k dps. Strange thing is that sim show versa is my best stats. Then is haste then crit then int then sp and then mastery. I know im 2% away from mastery cap but versa to be first ? Anyway I try to burst on dummy with flask,pot and food without hero and I burst aroud 700k dps. I watch the Naesam ascendance guide video and he burst for 1m with no hero. The only diffrence is he got trinkets from NH. I dont know what I do wrong but I hope I can help me to find out. Other then that out ins is almost the dame. He got 10% more crit and I got 20% more mastery. Was hoping bcs of my high mastery I will do more. If someone got any idea how I can improve pls share. Tnx for thst u spend time to read my post and wish all to have a good day. Have fun with Ele sham <3


    Yeah I’m getting mastery > vers > crit > haste. Is there a soft cap for crit for the builds?


    I’m seeing the same thing with my sims. Versatility is coming out on top, which is not what we expected going into 7.1.5. My new priority for icefury is (Int>>Vers>Mastery>Crit>Haste).

    Current unbuffed stats:
    Haste: 27.18%
    Mastery: 56.80%
    Versatility: 3.81%

    I’m hoping one of the theorycrafters can comment for my sanity.


    I’m finding similar. But this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s like it’s always been, when one star gets high, the other stats gain value. With our higher mastery and crit values, now each vers point will be worth more.


    I do not know if sim are 100% correct, since we need to run them into “ptr” version of the game. I am obtaining the same results, with intellect being first rated and mastery being last. I am waiting for the simc release to be officially supporting only live version, and in the meanwhile I keep trying to reach mastery cap while not falling below on crit.




    I pretty much had/have the same issue. Running ASC build.
    What build are you simming for? though it is a bit irrelevant. You shouldn’t only sim once and get the 1st string. Sim-> get string. Sim again->get string-> Sim again.

    I recommend doing this to get more accurate results.
    I started with:

    After running multiple sims and swapping gear around I ended up with
    and 600 extra intel.

    Now I know you will see that I lost 5% crit..but with the ASC build crit is devalued since we crit anyway with LvB. (thats why Im asking what build are u simming for)

    Hope it helped:)


    Sorry I had forgot I am running with IF build, I think it is more rewarding on the long term.


    If your running with IF reaching the mastery cap is not a prio. With that build crit is equal-ish to mastery. Also haste is more devalued imo (instant casts). I think aiming towards 30% ish crit with mastery at 55%-ish at current gear levels is realistic and achievable.

    Thats what I would personally do..maybe sims would tell me otherwise but on paper sounds decent


    Checked your gear on armory. In what u logged out, you are better off using ASC build imo


    I am at the moment at 30% crit, 22% haste and 66% mastery. I have also swapped the leg boots with prydaz neck.


    There seems to be this misconception out there that the mastery “cap” is something that we should be aiming for when that isn’t actually the case. The mastery “cap” implies that we should NEVER go past that value. It isn’t that we NEED to get to that value. Those are two completely different things. The dps gains between having 86% mastery and 86.5% mastery are almost non existent. The closer that you get to the mastery “cap” the less value mastery has for you. The misconception that people are having is that mastery gains aren’t linear with dps gains. In other words, x amount of mastery does NOT give you y amount of dps. As you gain more and more mastery it’s value per point is going to naturally decrease. As the per point value of mastery decreases the per point value of other things, such as crit, will increase. Then, you will reach a point where the per point value of crit will do the same thing, causing the per point value of haste or vers to increase. This is why it is important to constantly sim yourself. Any major upgrade can cause your stat priority to swing in a different direction, depending on how close your values are to one another and how that stat interacts with game play. The ONLY stat that has a linear correlation with DPS gains is vers because of the nature of vers. It gives you a direct dmg increase. This is why, when you get to higher ilevels, that vers tends to pull ahead. The other stats are reaching higher %tages, which is causing their values to decrease, whereas the values of vers continue to maintain a linear relationship, allowing it to pull ahead.

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