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    So my MrRobot is giving me these weights (I’m Ascendence build)

    Intellect 10.79
    Critical Strike 9.01
    Mastery 8.34
    Versatility 7.75
    Haste 6.85

    These weights are different than the ones you guys use, I’m trying to figure out which one to go with. Also, for your stat weights, is Int > Mastery if less than soft cap?


    I’m having the same issues. Running Ascendence aswell.
    Simming my gear gives me odd suggestions aswell.

    I currently have i lvl 871
    35262 intel
    24% crit
    23% haste
    73% mastery

    Isn’t there a softcap for crit like it was before the patch? (33% i believe it was)



    remeber that stats weight are not equal for every player. If I post my stats weights, is like I borrow you a jacket, you can use it, but probably it will fit differently from me. That said, be aware that the value of a stat is lower the higher that stat is. I personally do not know is AMR is simming correctly 7.1.5 or if there are minor bug/issues, so I suggest you to wait for someone more informed than me to answer your question.




    Is Int > Mastery if under cap?


    Like windspear said, weights are different per person. Sites like AMR will do ‘best guess’ or ‘allrounder’ stat weights. Binkenstein has done a similar thing in the past when publicising stat weights.


    Also, keep in mind that the idea of having 86.5% mastery isn’t necessarily a target “goal”, but more of a “do not pass”. The dps value of mastery isn’t linear. In other words, it isn’t a simple, X amount of mastery = Y amount of dmg. The closer that you get to the target goal the less value mastery has, so mastery is more like an exponential decay. That is why you will see sims that, at a certain point, don’t follow the Mastery>all else rule. That’s why consistently simming yourself is valuable.

    Also, keep in mind, that you can’t put 100% of your weight in sims either, because different situations call for different things. I could sim myself as ascendance for single target and get different values for 3-4 mob fights. Sim yourself for multiple situations and then decide what is best for you in the end.


    I’m currently at 840 ilvl
    27.77% Crit – 5.97
    11.05% Haste – 5.75
    1.20% Vers – 5.81
    55.74% Mastery – 6.2

    Next to the stat names are the weights of the stats that SimCraft is giving me. Do those look weird? I’m running the Icefury build right now.


    I have used SimC for a few years now and never had a problem, but is anyone getting some very strange values?

    I’m getting Int at 10.33
    Versatility at 9.65
    Haste 8.46
    Crit 7.52
    Mastery 5.63
    I am at 84% with mastery but before I even was near the cap it would still give me mastery as dead last, anyone know if perhaps I’m doing something wrong with the Sim?


    Do you use 7.1.5 SimC?
    Do you got Ascendence talented?

    For Comparision:
    My Char: Intimacy-Lothar
    892 GS
    Crit 29%
    Haste 26%
    Mastery 59%
    Vers 3%

    My SimC
    Int 11.66
    Mastery 11.31
    Vers 9.82
    Crit 9.06
    Haste 8.72

    Seems to work for me


    Yeah I am talented into ascendance, double checked SimC was up to date, yet I still get Versatility as the highest stat. If anyone wants to give a try simming my toon please give it a shot, Keitu-Hyjal


    This thread is a perfect example of why we hesitate to post “stat weights” and flat out refuse to post “pawn strings.” Next to nobody actually understands what they are, how they work, or what they mean, and they always get misused.

    Stat weights change, every, single, time you get a new piece of gear. You could have exactly the same gear as another person except they have several pieces warforged 5 ilvls higher, and their stat weights upon simming will be different than yours.

    All your “stat weights” are showing you when simming is what your character would gain in dps point for point based on your currently equipped gear.

    We have not posted “stat weights,” we have posted stat priorities, calculated using Bloodystats, which uses differential calculus to sim random distributions of secondary stats at whatever intellect level the ilvl you sim at is, while utilizing an ilvl based secondary stat budget. Essentially by taking differential steps, learning from each previous differential step, the simulation builds up stats within budget until a distribution is settled on as highest possible DPS for that ilvl based on the talents chosen. We then post the stat priority based on this distribution because if you work toward said distribution, you are in effect working toward the perfect stats for DPS for that set of talents.

    Reality has to set in at some point though, because gear is not perfectly fluid as the math assumes, you have to work within what you can loot, and in some cases that means pretending one stat doesn’t exist in order to meet 2/4 or 3/4 stat goals. For example, I am arriving at 86.5% mastery worth of rating, sitting at ~7k crit rating, and the rest in haste. I actually have 0 versatility rating right now, because trying to also get the 1.8k versatility or w.e that was suggested meant taking imperfect versatility pieces which made reaching other stat goals impossible.

    To compare to what your seeing, my “stat weights” are Int>Vers=Mastery>Crit>Haste, because i have zero versatility, so the sim is essentially telling me, other stats are high, thus increasing the value of versatility point for point due to having very little, none in my case, of it and thus diminishing returns on the stat are non-existent. I’m not going to go out and grab some versatility though, I’m making the choice to ignore it’s existence until my other stats are sorted and then, and only then will I pick up some vers via chants / gems / piece of gear if it doesn’t compromise my other stats.

    I hope this has helped somewhat, and if it hasn’t, /shrug, I tried.



    This clarification of yours, if read thoroughly, is invaluable as an advice for many aspiring Shaman as it is not common knowledge, a) how to sim b) how to interpret those sims and finally c) how to use those darn numberz.

    But thats what this forum is all about. 😀 So, thanks a lot for that.


    Ty Clap, that helps a lot. I wasn’t aware of the 1.8k Verse thing you referred to. Care to shed some more light on that? And are there any other goals like that besides the 86.5 mastery?


    Just was a for instance after running bloodystats on my own character’s int and secondary budget, nothing specific. And no there aren’t any other soft caps aside from the mastery one for asc.


    Please refer to my post on stat weights

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