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    Hello and thank you for your great site!

    Two short question: Why i should go to 86,5% mastery in the Ascendance-Build? Why not 50%, 60% and so on. What is the reason for 86,5%? I don´t understand this right.

    And ist the 86,5% mastery also my goal for the Icefury-Build?

    And sorry for my bad english. I´am not a native speaker. 🙂

    Grettings Shurkul


    You get 1% of mastery for every 177.77777… rating. Elemental Blast’s buff gives you 2,400 rating to the secondary stat that it picks, so using this logic, we can divide 2,400 by the rating required for 1% to get the mastery % increase of the Elemental Blast mastery buff:

    2400 divided by 177.7777 = 13.5%

    86.5% rating from gear + 13.5% rating from the Elemental Blast buff = 100% rating.

    You get no benefit from having mastery above 100%, so 86.5% serves as a ‘soft cap’ so you don’t waste any of the rating from Elemental Blast’s buff.

    I hope that clears it up!


    Ah ok yes i forget the Elemental Blast Buff… 🙂 Now i understand. Thank you!

    My second question: The “Soft-Cap” 86,5% is important for the Ascendance- and Icefury-Build or only for the Ascendance-Build?


    Both builds, as long as you have Elemental Blast.


    Ok good to know. Thanks for the fast help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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