The Gambling Build – how to embrace randomness and do lots of DPS!

Hello discerning young shapeople! Around the patch release, we revealed the Gambling/Casino build via a second SimulationCraft profile in the stacked sims on Since then, we’ve been inundated with questions about the build and how it performs. First, I’ll answer a few questions I’ve seen a lot of in Earthshrine lately:

Q: What is the gambling build? Why is it called that?

We had some internal discussions during the 7.2.5 PTR cycle about the best setup for the legendary gloves, Smoldering Heart, to maximise Ascendance uptime. What we came up with was so RNG-bound that playing it felt like you were playing the slots machine at a casino. The gambling build is as follows:

We suggest you use Totem Mastery, Elemental Blast, Echo of the Elements, and Ascendance with this setup. It is possible Storm Elemental will perform better in very specific situations. For example, a Maiden style fight with periods of high burst damage that will align with SE’s cooldown. T21 enables ice-gambling.

It’s a very simple setup but performs shockingly (pun intended) well. The benefit over the standard, non-gambling setup depends heavily on your stats. With T21 Gambling is the strongest playstyle for elemental by quite a margin.

Q: What are the stat ratios for Gambling?

Check the stats page.

Q: When do I cast Earth Shock in the Gambling build?

As outlined above, you should be using Earth Shock at 70-75 Maelstrom. This is the sweet spot between Earth Shock frequency and damage output, giving you the optimal Ascendance uptime without sacrificing DPS. Aftershock also plays a part in this, as a proc of the boots with Aftershock talented will make Earth Shock a Maelstrom generator. Getting a chain of boot procs can cause Maelstrom overflow if casted above 100 Maelstrom, but the probability of this happening from 70-75 Maelstrom is too low to consider.

Trinket List

If you’re reading this in 7.3.2, the trinket list you’re looking for is the standard trinket list on the trinket page.

Q: When should I use the Gambling build over a different talent and legendary setup?

The Gambling build is only better than the normal build in single target scenarios, and is slightly better for heavy movement style fights. You should not use the Gambling build for bosses with AoE.

If there are any further questions, feel free to come to Earthshrine discord and ask anyone with a dark blue name!