Going live: an introduction to Storm, Earth & Lava


Welcome to Storm, Earth, and Lava.  With some of our previous theorycrafters either focusing on other specs or quitting the game, a few of us wanted to band together to continue and provide information to everyone.  We have a good mix of top players, math nerds, streamers and YouTubers constantly working on bringing the most up to date and correct information to help everyone achieve their maximum damage potential.  The purpose of this site is to provide a community outside of Discord where new discoveries and discussion are readily available.  While Discord is a good place to chat and possibly get a direct answer to a question, cool new stuff can easily get lost in the constant discussion on Discord. Pinning is fine, but you taught us that reading pinned messages is hard. So we wanted another one stop shop where people can continuously learn the newest and most up to date information on the Elemental spec.  We plan to keep everything updated continuously and we hope everyone posts on the forums and gets as much as they can out of the work we have done!

Hi everyone, Claptrap here, I’m sure you have seen me around Earthshrine, memeing and helping (hopefully). Just wanted to say, hope anyone reading this or coming to the site gets some use out of it. With the drastically dwindling population of Ele Shams and even fewer willing to TC we wanted to give you guys a place where we could come together and post our findings, musings, and tips. I’m enjoying my Ele Sham, and the future is looking brighter still, so…get out there and sling those spicy meatballs. – Clap out

I’m Falc.  I add Haste and get roasted on MMO-Champ.  Hope you all enjoy what this site offers.  If it does a little to help people understand Elemental and play better, we have done a worthwhile job.  Earthshrine is a great place and we aim to build off that sense of community here as well.

Hey ho, I’m Bloodmallet(EU) from Discord and I’m one of those who look at numbers. TC is hard and because I’m lazy I also wrote Bloodystats to help me and us (for everyone that is able to make it work on their machine 😛 ) with secondary distributions, which are honestly a very big concern of Legion. I love pinning latest info and interesting things to the #elemental channel, but I too think, it’s time to try a dedicated Elemental webpage. Therefore I’m excited to support SEaL. Hopefully you lot find this project as helpful as I am and are able to even further enjoy the elements.

Gudday, I’m Donut. I’ve been playing wow since just before WotLK launch, and Elemental spec almost as long. Kept with the spec for so long because of the community so I’m happy to be able to contribute to it myself as host of this website. I also have the processing power for pushing tens of thousands of sims in a relatively short span of time.

I’m slanderman and this is my website, I work here with my old man and my son, Falc. Everything on this site has a graph and a sim. One thing I’ve learned after 21 years of playing ele — you never know what Blizz is going to do to fuck us over next.

Hi there, I’m Notes. I have been playing this game since the beta days and didn’t always main elemental shaman but after the very first time I tried it I instantly fell in love with the class and have been paying it every since trying my best to minmax and learn everything I can about it, I leave most(all) the theorycrafting on this site to the pros and help/test anywhere I can. My main purpose on this site is to heckle Falc and point out why my WAs are better than Falc’s WA.