Nighthold Guide

This page serves as a guideline for talent and cooldown usage within The Nighthold raid. The information below should be viewed as a general suggestion that may not work for your particular raid composition or strategy. Suggestions for Mythic content will come as we all progress.


Chronomatic Anomaly

  • Talents: Lightning Rod should be your default choice, but Icefury is recommended to better deal with the movement in this fight. We do not recommend taking Ascendance due to the way the time slow down and speed up interacts with the cooldown’s ease of use and buff timers.
  • Cooldown usage:
    • Save Heroism/Bloodlust and Fire Elemental for Chronomatic Anomaly’s vulnerability window after Temporal Smash
    • Use Stormkeeper normally, but save it for the small add spawn after the large add dies. You may have to pre-cast Stormkeeper before the pull in order to have it up in time for the small add spawn.


Spellblade Aluriel



High Botanist Tel’arn

Star Augur Etraeus

  • Talents: Icefury helps considerably with the movement required in the Fel phase. Ascendance can also be considered if it will line up with the void phase add and heroism.
  • Cooldown usage:
    • Use Fire Elemental on pull and with Heroism/Bloodlust
    • Use Stormkeeper on cooldown in the Ice/Fel phases, and save it to use on Voidlings in the Void phase

Grand Magistrix Elisande