Patch 7.3

Patch 7.3 is just around the corner and I’m sure you’re all dying to know what we think. Here’s a list of all the relevant changes coming on Tuesday. Keep an eye out for our guide updating coming shortly.

Elemental changes

Naesam’s thoughts and analysis of the patch notes:

Our spec “aura” buff is being increased. All of our abilities will deal 9% increased damage (this was 3% before 7.3, so up 6%).


If you’re in a rush or just lazy, here’s an incredibly brief summary of Patch 7.3 for Elemental Shamans:

  • It’s harder to cap mastery now.
  • Cast Earthquake in AoE (2+ targets).
  • Some spells have been buffed.
  • Static Overload now only occurs on the first Chain Lightning after casting Stormkeeper.
  • Very little has changed with legendary and talent choices in mind.


Mastery: Elemental Overload has been altered. The base proc chance has been lowered from 18% down to 15%, and the base damage has been increased from 75% to 85%. This means the proc chance scales 20% slower. Additionally, the Master of the Elements artifact trait increases the proc’s damage to 95.2%.

As a result, mastery lost some value which in turn pushes up the value of critical strike and haste. Nearly every legendary and talent combination will favour critical strike and haste now, subject to change in the near future if there’s a balancing pass done in a few weeks following the patch’s launch.

Spell changes

  • Earth Shock – spell power coefficient increased from 1,150% up to 1,230% (a 6.96% increase overall).
  • Frost Shock – spell power coefficient increased from 80% up to 90% (a 12.5% increase overall).
  • Chain Lightning – spell power coefficient decreased from 160% to 150% – note: that between the 6% aura buff mentioned above and this spell power decrease, Chain Lightning damage is effectively untouched. This has confused some who stayed up to date with Wowhead patch notes, as the official patch notes don’t explicitly include this change.
  • Lava Beam> – spell power coefficient reduced from 198% to 186% (a 6.06% decrease overall).
  • Earthquake – spell power coefficient increased from 77.5% per tick to 92% per tick (an 18.7% increase overall).

Artifact traits

  • Static Overload (redesigned):
    • Was: Chain Lightning has a 10% chance to cause Elemental Overload to trigger on every target.
    • Now: After using Stormkeeper, your next Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning causes Elemental Overload to trigger on every target.
    • The implications of this change are still being studied as it results in a better ability to control our burst AoE. This is better for practically every raid scenario, but will negatively impact our Maelstrom generation in Mythic+ dungeons. However, the buffs to Earthquake offset this reduction to make our AoE stronger than ever, but the utility of Earthquake knockdowns may come slightly less frequently due to fewer casts.
    • We are continuing to look at how this change will impact our performance in raids and mythic+.


Tier 20 buff

  • T20 2 piece bonus – Storm Elemental cooldown reduction increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Tier 21 preview


  • T21 2 piece bonus – Each cast of Lava Burst increases the damage of your next Earth Shock or Earthquake or the damage bonus of your next Icefury by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times.
    • This increase is additive. In the case of Icefury, at three stacks of the tier buff, Frost Shock damage is increased by 430% instead of the usual 400%.
  • T21 4 piece bonus – Earth Shock has a 30% chance to cause an Elemental Overload.

New casting and spell animations

Check out Wowhead’s coverage of the new animations here. It appears (as of the latest PTR build) that Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Icefury have been reverted to their old animations, but we’re not sure if that will go live.

General changes

New feature: Netherlight Crucible

The Netherlight Crucible is a new relic feature coming with the patch. Information on it can be found here and the Wowhead calculator can be found here. There are a few important things to note:

  • The additional trait choices are random, but cannot be the same trait as the relic.
  • You are only able to select one trait from the choice of three, not two as the Wowhead calculator assumes.

So with these two things in mind, you can simply look at the relic priorities to determine the optimal trait to choose for your random set of three. We’re still figuring out the light and shadow trait optimisation.

The additional traits will unlock in week three of the patch, unlocked for relics 1/2/3 once you have 69/72/75 traits respectively.

Professions and crafted gear

New crafted gear is arriving too, including Empyrial Elemental Crown from Jewelcrafting, Fiendish Spaulders from Leatherworking, and Astral Alchemist Stone from Alchemy. All of these pieces can be upgraded to item level 935. The helmet is promising, given a good stat roll (crit/haste) and the guaranteed socket. The alchemy trinket is very lacklustre and should be avoided (as usual).

Note: existing (pre-7.3) crafted gear cannot be upgraded to 935.