Patch 9.0.1 notes – exclusive leak

Our inside man at Blizzard Entertainment supplied us with exclusive Shaman notes for Patch 9.0.1 – The Watcher’s Dark Revenge. Below are the changes we’ve received so far!


The Old God threat has become even more mysterious, with a large unidentified eyeball appearing above capital cities around Azeroth with one simple request: “SHOW ME YOUR LOGS”. At this time, it is unclear what the Eye in the Sky wants, but some speculate it is interested in sweeping changes to the Elemental Shaman specialisation. Take to the skies in the World of Warcraft’s latest expansion: The Watcher’s Dark Revenge(tm).

New features

  • Quest to level 123 throughout zones such as the Sea of Simcraft, the Warcraftlogs Warrens, and more!
  • New specialisation: Cursed Demon Hunter – melee DPS.
  • Removed specialisation: Enhancement Shaman.
  • Always-on proximity voice chat.
  • Warcraft Logs integration – inspect players to see their average percentile parse on Warcraft Logs.
  • …And more!

General Shaman changes



  • Goblins are no longer able to practise Shamanism. If you are a goblin Shaman, you will be asked to reroll to a different class upon your next login.
  • No, Vulpera cannot be shaman. Please stop asking us on Twitter.

Elemental Shaman changes

Spell changes – utility

  • Water Walking removed.
  • Gust of Wind added as a baseline spell.
  • Gust of Wind changed from baseline spell to talent in the level 100 row.
  • Gust of Wind removed.
    • Developer comment: We forgot about mages for a brief second, and considered giving shamans mobility. Please accept our sincere apologies.
  • Reincarnation cooldown increased to 60 minutes. Name changed to Die, Then Immediately Die Again Because You Used It Too Early.
    • Developer comment: You think you want Ankh reset, but you don’t. In an attempt to diversify class identity, we have made Ankh — I mean DTIDABYUITE a more thoughtful and challenging spell to use.
  • Reincarnation (new passive) Upon being resurrected by any source, you have a 6% chance of coming back to life as a different race and class.
    • Developer comment: We feel this change will alleviate player hesitation to reroll. If you really want to play Shaman, just don’t die!
  • A Burning Sensation (new passive). For every point of mana spent on Healing Surge, you have a 0.00001% chance to gain Ascendance for 10 seconds.
  • Astral Recall cooldown increased to 24 hours.
  • Ghost Wolf now has a 2 sec cast time.
    • Developer comment: This change forms part of our current general design paradigm of rewinding the excessive bloat of many classes and returning them to their core class fantasies. For Elemental this includes profound feelings of uselessness and despondency. As a part of this change, Elemental shamans only get 80% effectiveness from the Improved Ghost Wolf talent.

Spell changes – damage

  • Lava Burst damage reduced by approximately 6.72955% (13.4951% in PVP).
  • Lightning Bolt may only be cast while moving, due to energy state requirements.
  • Fire Elemental now benefits from Mastery: Elemental Overload. If your Fire Elemental cast overloads, it will instead summon two Fire Elementals.
  • Mastery: Elemental Overload has been redesigned, and now allows overloads to proc overloads.
    • Developer comment: We felt that Elemental’s damage was too consistent, and believe this change should make damage feel more random pull-to-pull.
  • Earthquake (redesigned) – Invokes an Earthquake at a random location within 40 yards of you, dealing damage and knocking down any enemies or allies that enter the area. Lasts 25 sec. 60 sec cooldown. Only usable in zones on a tectonic plate boundary.
    • Developer comment: We wanted Earthquake to feel as realistic as possible. We think the redesign will be popular!
  • Chain Lightning now generates 0.5 Maelstrom per target hit.

Talent changes

  • Ascendance (resdesigned) upon casting Ascendance, turns every button on your action bars into Lava Burst.
    • Developer comment: We wanted to uncomplicate the rotation while in Ascendance, so we removed your ability to cast other spells when the buff is active.
  • Static Shock (new talent). Entangle your target with static electricity, dealing damage over 6 seconds. Channeled spell, usable while moving. Damage increases with distance to the target. Max range 50 yards.
  • Confused Elements (new passive talent). Every 27 seconds, gain one of three buffs that makes your next Nature, Fire, or Frost spell will deal 500% increased damage. If you cast a spell of a different school while the buff is active, it will instead do 25% damage.

A word from Storm Earth & Lava

As a result of these unbelievable changes, Storm Earth & Lava will no longer be creating Elemental Shaman content effective immediately. You win, Blizzard. Huge thanks to all of our fans who helped us get to where we are now.