A quick note about Pawn & stat weights

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Hello everyone,

Due to the frequency of questions about stat weights, I thought I’d make a short post to clear up some common misconceptions. Let’s try to understand what exactly it is that SimCraft’s stat weights are telling you.

Stat weights ARE:

  • A measure of how gaining a stat will affect your DPS
  • A basic way of understanding what item may be an upgrade
  • To be calculated every time you change gear (this takes a lot of time!)

Stat weights ARE NOT:

  • To be calculated once and followed with an addon like Pawn
  • Indicative of when an item will be a true DPS gain

With these few things in mind, let’s look more closely at why you shouldn’t so focused on stat weights or question the validity of our work here based on your Pawn string. I heard a great analogy in Earthshrine the other day, relating stat weights to the ingredients of a cake. Imagine a scenario where you have as much sugar or salt as you’d need when baking a cake. You also have a very clever sous-chef who knows just how much sugar and salt cakes need. You have twice as much sugar as salt and the sous-chef says “This cake needs more salt!”. For this instance alone, this cake needs more salt. This doesn’t mean all cakes need more salt!

Stat weights function in a similar way; just because SimCraft tells you that your character needs more versatility than it does mastery does not mean that all characters will be this way. Stat weights are fluid in nature, changing even with a single piece of gear. If SimCraft tells you that you need more versatility and you swap a critical strike gem in favour of a versatility one, your stat weights could flip! Additionally, Pawn and stat weights don’t account for how weights would change as your stats change. This is clearly not a very useful tool, especially when we’re in a situation where all four secondaries are valuable.


Instead, we choose to provide to you a stat priority and stat ratios to follow, based on our very own Bloodystats. We determine the optimal ratio of stats for you to have which will net you the best DPS for the least amount of thinking required.

If you are willing to go through the effort of re-simming yourself after each upgrade and re-calculating your stat weights, we recommend forgetting about the weights and just following our rule of thumb, using SimCraft to determine what is actually an upgrade and what is not.